3D calibration standards

Calibration samples, data and software for quantitative topography

Calibration samples

  • FIB-SEM deposited 3D structures with reference marks for automated calibration

  • A range of sizes for SEM, AFM and optical 3D systems
  • 3x pyramids for calibration in X, Y and Z directions
  • 1x spherical element for adjustment of 4Q BSE detectors

Calibration data

  • Calibrated 3D reference data acquired with a metrological SPM system
  • Used for comparison of recorded and reference 3D data
  • Prepared for automated calibration with calibration software
  • Supplied on a USB drive

Calibration software

  • Automated, statistical 3D calibration algorithm
  • Determines scales in X, Y, Z and all shear factors
  • Gives corrections parameters for acquisition system or pre-recorded data
  • Single user license for Windows 10 ... 7