High-Temperature BSE detector

Four-quadrants BSE detector for high-temperature applications


  • Map changes in atomic number/Z-contrast across the sample
  • Reveal grains of different orientations
  • Distinguish between materials and topographic contrast
  • Identify features for advanced analytical techniques
  • Produce colour images by mixing multiple signals
  • Measure height with the optional topographic reconstruction


  • In situ preamplification for minimum noise and maximum speed
  • Simultaneous four channels for topographic/compositional contrast


  • Sensor type: Electron Absorbed Detection (EAD) technology
  • Sensor size: 12 or 9 mm outer diameter
  • Sensor sensitivity: 10 eV minimum acceleration voltage
  • Pre-amplifier mount: 4x in situ channels
  • Pre-amplifier gain: 10^6, 10^7 or 10^8 V/A
  • Electrical feedthrough: 10pin LEMO
  • Electrical connector: DSub 9-pin (factory configurable)
  • Detector speed: 16 µs minimum dwell time
  • Detector mount: pole-piece or insertion/retraction mechanism