BSE acquisition

BSE acquisition

Quantitative BackScattered Electron (BSE) systems for any SEM or FIB-SEM

Reveal atomic number/Z-contrast

  • Reveal soil structure and identify mineral constituents
  • Determine variations of content in biological structures
  • Image shape, size and distribution of nanoparticles

Measure material density with high spatial resolution

  • Measure microscopic variations in mineral concentrations in bone
  • Image distribution, shape and texture of grains in metals and alloys
  • Identify phases and measure area fractions in metal matrix composites

Explore crystalline materials with Orientation Contrast (OC) and Electron Channelling Contrast Imaging (ECCI)

  • Image crystallographic orientation of microscopic grains
  • Localize dislocations, stacking faults and grain boundaries in the SEM
  • Map distortions in crystal lattice from local stray fields

Acquire 4k colour images for SEM movies

  • Colourise SEM images with multiple BSE detectors on- and off-axis
  • Produce high quality micrographs for publication
  • Record rotation series for nanoflight® animations or 3D modelling

View and model complex stuctures in 3D

  • Height measurements with live or offline SEM topography
  • Volumetric analysis of biological or porous materials with 3D SEM
  • Microscopic surface models of complex objects with 3D scanning

Characterize hot samples, even at temperatures over 1,000ºC

  • Observe surface crystallisation, thermal recovery and sintering
  • Record growth dynamics with in situ ESEM
  • Quantify creep and fracture at elevated temperatures