Engineering Services

Custom SEMs

SEM/TEM customization and upgrades are at the core of the company ethos, and Point Electronic GmbH has undertaken many customization projects from a wide range of customers. Examples include

  • custom device inspection microscopes
  • multi-SE detector acquisition
  • control or electrostatic ion and electron guns

We are excited about every new customization project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our development team over the contact us page.

Custom systems

Point Electronic GmbH has developed its own platform of modular USB devices for application to electron microscopy, which enables it to design and manufacture new systems with high speed and cost efficiency. This together the high flexible imaging system DISS5 allows us to develop also scanning devices such as ion- and laser scanning microscopes.

All design and manufacture is undertaken in-house, at Halle (Saale), Germany. For the production of PCBs and mechanical parts partners in the region support us.

For any potential product development or collaborations, please contact our development team over the contact us page.