Original Design Manufacturer or Original Equipment Manufacturer design, prototyping, certification and manufacturing.

High-speed, reliable and cost-efficient design solutions ready for series production. We provide customized solutions to our industry client’s needs and offer end-to-end support - from conceptualization to prototype development and production readiness. Our goal is the optimal performance of your product, providing you with a significant competitive edge.

Our solutions include hardware and software, but also mechanical components.

We are known for our fast, dynamic and cost-effective approach to electronic design for over 30 years. Our expertise extends beyond product design to include prototype assembly, tailor-made manufacture of housings and the corresponding certification processes. Our experience enables us to produce your device or system at significant volumes while meeting the highest quality standards.

We specialize in

  • Technology development
  • Product development
  • Hardware and software development
  • Prototyping
  • Calibration, testing, and assembly
  • Certification
  • Resource planning, manufacturing, international logistics
  • Consultation on the development, design, and production of new technologies.

Technology development

We work closely with our customers and partners to explore new technologies in applied electron microscopy and to enhance existing ones.

Our expertise includes, for example:

  • Reference samples, data and software for topography, BSE and EA and EFA

Conceptioning and analysis

We support you in:

  • evaluating a realistic timeline for implementation
  • assessing development costs
  • analyzing technical risks and assessing feasibility
  • exploring possible production costs

Product development

The 'full package', individual controller, or specific add-on? We develop individual components (e.g. vacuum controller, stage controller, detectors) or complete SEM controls according to your requirements. We also tailor the corresponding software to your needs: as a dedicated software control or as a DLL for your system software.

Our services include:

  • Hardware development for analog and digital electronics
  • Control and analysis software
  • Development of DLLs and APIs, including for Linux, Mac, Windows etc
  • Mechanical 3D design and construction
  • Custom housing solutions
  • Custom controllers, detectors, image acquisition, and signal processing add-ons

Production readiness and series production

Whether as a single product or in series production: if your idea is ready for manufacturing, we are your reliable partner:Identifying the most suitable production technologies

  • Selecting cost-effective manufacturing processes
  • Testing and qualification
  • Certification and approval
  • Product documentation such as technical specifications, data sheets, installation manuals.

Development examples

  • Laser scanning system
  • Ion-beam scanning system
  • Light-beam induced acquisition system