• SEM controls

    SEM controls

    Universal and fully integrated control system for all Scanning Electron Microscopes and Microanalysers.

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  • SEM acquisition - DISS5

    SEM acquisition - DISS5

    Powerful and versatile digital scan generator and image acquisition for all Scanning Electron Microscopes

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  • SEM analysis - DIPS

    SEM analysis - DIPS

    Seamless processing, measurement and export of calibrated image data for Scanning Electron Microscopy

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  • EBIC acquisition

    EBIC acquisition

    Advanced quantitative electronics and acquisition software for the best Electron Beam Induced Current instruments.

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  • EBAC/RCI acquisition

    EBAC/RCI acquisition

    Advanced low-noise electronics and acquisition software for Electron Beam Absorbed Current/Resistive Contrast Imaging

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  • EDS acquisition - IDFix

    EDS acquisition - IDFix

    Practical and affordable Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS) for SEM and STEM

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  • SEM topography

    SEM topography

    Live 3D shape-from-shading reconstruction in Scanning Electron Microscopy with multiple backscattered electron detectors

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Over 20 years of innovation and service in digital image acquisition for electron microscopy

Point Electronic GmbH provides innovative electronics and software for Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and micro-analysis tools. The company flagship product is DISS5 - one of the most advanced digital scan control and image acquisition systems for SEM. Based on its long experience with electron microscopy, Point Electronic GmbH offers a comprehensive and modular platform of products for full control of electron-optical columns.

As a vendor independent company, Point Electronic GmbH provides complete electronics and software to customize or upgrade SEMs from all major manufacturers. The company prides itself with the ability to improve productivity and quality over that of standard microscopes.


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