CAM Workshop 2024

Jun 4, 2024 - Jun 5, 2024

About the Workshop:

CAM-Workshop brings together experts from the electronics industry and from material diagnostics equipment manufacturers in order to discuss challenges, novel solutions and future needs in failure analysis and material characterization of electronic devices, sensors and systems.

We share booth with our partner Imina Technologies S.A. Imina is a Swiss manufacturer of robotic solutions for the characterization of samples under optical microscopes (OM), FA inspection tools, Probe Stations and scanning electron microscopes (SEM/FIB). Imina is one of the leaders in the semiconductor test equipment market for micro & nanoprobing and electrical failure analysis.

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René Hammer

Our Talk:

Advances in EFA with Color Coded Multi-Channel Nanoprobing

Dr. René Hammer

Tuesday, June 4, 2024 - 3:30 p.m.

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