BSE Topography

BSE Topography is a Geometrical Analysis technique in electron microscopy used for high-resolution 3D characterisation of features and shapes of surfaces. It is applied in SEM and FIB-SEM for a wide range of measurements, from basic coordinates, distances or angles to more advanced volume, step height, or roughness characterisation. It is an advanced form of BSE, as it is able to separate topography from composition and therefore to provide information on height and density simultaneously.

BSE Topography is key technique for analysis that must distinguish between topography and composition. It is also used for microstructures with very high aspect ratio, beyond the range of scanning probe microscopes.

Complex surfaces

  • Characterisation of fractured samples
  • Characterisation of corroded surfaces
  • Characterisation of eroded materials

High-precision mechanical tools

  • Inspection of probing tips
  • Inspection of cutting edges

In-situ surface dynamics

  • High-temperature experiments
  • In-situ reactions