Topographic Analysis

BSE topography in electron microscopy is utilized to examine surface topographical features at the micro- and nanoscale, helping researchers distinguish variations in height and morphology. This technique is invaluable for characterizing sample surfaces in SEM and FIB-SEM environments.

Our BSE Topography System offers the ability to perform live calibrated height measurements with any SEM or FIB-SEM, enabling researchers to accurately measure surface heights, distinguish topography from composition, monitor in-situ surface changes, visualize complex surfaces in three dimensions, and seamlessly continue live topographical analysis with the convenience of off-line analysis.

The software includes live surface height reconstruction from BSE signals, a built-in 3D surface visualization tool, and the flexibility of configurable workflows with seamlessly integrated SE and BSE scan profiles.

The system consists of hardware and software.

Measure surface height with SEM

  • Use conventional segmented BSE signals
  • Measure live with automated topographic reconstruction
  • Save topographic data in standard file formats

Topography-composition distinction

  • Resolve ambiguities in image interpretation
  • Reach a wider audience with 3D models, visualisation and printing
  • Measure 3D distances and volumes

In-situ surface dynamics

  • Record surface evolution during in-situ experiments
  • Measure deviations from nominal surface
  • Quantify 3D changes for different processes

Complex surfaces in 3D

  • Add texture from SE, EDS or EBSD maps
  • Apply automatic colour gradients as texture
  • Export 3D screenshots for high-impact visualisation

Calibrate and measure heights

  • Calibrate measurements with dedicated 3D samples
  • Measure 3D positions, distances and angles
  • Measure and report height profiles

Live topography with off-line analysis

  • Import data into full feature analysis software
  • Measure surface roughness and analyse texture
  • Analyse morphology, grain and particle distribution

microShape - surface topography

  • Load, view and edit height and texture layers
  • View and manipulate data in 3D
  • Extract and export 3D line profiles
  • Export standard PLY files for 3D printing

Quantitative 4Q BSE

  • Factory calibrated amplification and digitisation
  • Automatic offset and gain corrections
  • Live inspection of calibrated pixel values

Live topography

  • Pan, rotate, tilt, zoom and scale height
  • Enhance views with shadows and pseudo-colour
  • Texture with BSE average or surface gradients

Automated 3D calibration

  • Use 3D reference sample to calibrate acquisition
  • Get automatic scale parameters for x, y and z
  • Save scale parameters for different SEM configurations