Using a 4-quadrant backscatter electron (4Q BSE) detector, generating 3D data with microShape is quick and simple: it takes a few seconds to create and visualize the topography of your samples. Enhance the capabilities of your SEM with microShape and make use of the following advantages:

  • 3D visualization of sample surface (topography)
  • profile views
  • 3D coordinates and height differences
  • calculate spatial distances and angles

In order to obtain quantitative 3D data, a calibration of your SEM and your 4Q BSE detector is required. We recommend our 3D calibration structures and our calibration software microCal.

The calibration structures are specifically developed for SEM 3D calibration due to their spatially distributed nanomarker for scale calibration and their micro-hemisphere for detector calibration. The Software algorithms automatically compare the measured nanomarker coordinates to the specific reference coordinates of your 3D calibration structure and calculate scale factors in all spatial directions. These calibration factors can the be used to correct further measurements.

[The calibration structures and the calibration software were developed by m2c, a brand of point electronic GmbH].