TEM Upgrade Kit

Due to the unique electron-optics of ZEISS EM 109/900, the "red TEMs" have endured as capable microscopes that continue to deliver state-of-art image quality and contrast. The TEM upgrade kit provides a new set of electronics that extend the lifetime of these microscopes and enable further improvements in their use.

Top five reasons to upgrade your EM 109/900 TEM

Extended lifetime

  • Image quality and contrast of electron-optics are state of art, but electronics have aged
  • Downtime has become excessive and a new approach is needed with pre-emptive service and long term logging
  • Long term assurance must include fast and reliable supply and replacement of electronics

Enhanced operation

  • kV microscope profiles with automated switching require software control of complete TEM
  • Microscope stability must be increased with higher precission and temperature stable lenses and corrector power supplies

Increased ease-of-use

  • Modern TEM operation require a high-quality, illuminated and ergonomic control panel
  • Natural control of sample position relies on automated, magnification-compensated controls, with position memory
  • Control of vacuum, electron gun, imaging/diffraction modes must be automated

New techniques

  • Added diffraction modes are enabled with the new electronics and software
  • Live image acquisition and processing are integrated with the optional SCCD camera

Cost reduction

  • Extending the lifetime of existing TEM is more cost effective than acquisition of new microscope
  • TEM output is maximised as downtime is minimised with new electronics, automation and safety monitoring
  • Operation costs are significantly reduced with the new enery-efficient 'Standby power mode'

The upgrade kits consist of hardware, software and selectable options.

New TEM electronics

  • entire replacement of the existing control electronics and vacuum control

Modern, modular rack construction

  • high precision, temperature stable control of the lenses and correcting coils
  • comprehensive safety monitoring
  • space-saving storing under the table top

Intuitive handling

  • Illuminated control panel
  • display of all relevant conditions
  • ergonomic controller to adjust the lenses
  • trackball for stage control