Digital Image Scanning

The digital imaging system is the most powerful and versatile scan generator and image acquisition system available, built upon our high-performance Digital Imaging Scanning System (DISS6).

It is fully integrated, USB-controlled, and comes with comprehensive software for all standard needs. Simultaneous signals are displayed through tiled image windows, while live composite color images can be generated from multiple signal sources.

The scan profiles are entirely customizable for tailored workflows, and a live signal monitor provides complete image information and optimization. Advanced line scan and mapping tools, along with our Digital Image Processing System (DIPS6) software for offline functions are also included.

The system consists of hardware and software.

Highest quality images

  • Compose live colour images with simultaneous acquisition
  • Improve your publications with highest resolution images
  • Record your data in standard, open image file formats

Network and Windows compatible

  • Upgrade to modern hardware and software
  • Record data to Windows 11…7 over USB2
  • Collaborate with standard screen share and remote connection

Custom acquisition workflows

  • Edit, add, reorder, reconfigure your own workflow
  • Start from templates for live view, high resolution, video recording, mapping
  • Fully configure each scan profile in your workflow

The best scan generator

  • Record dynamic events with fast frame rates
  • Avoid specimen charging with line and frame averages
  • Reduce analysis time per device/sample

Individual characterisation or instrumentation

  • Standard analogue and digital signal inputs
  • Fully configurable scan signals and scan parameters
  • API for scan control and image acquisition

Enhance capabilities

  • Add controls for complete electronics upgrade
  • Add software options for lithography, topography, large area mapping
  • Add detectors and electronics for SE, BSE, EDS, EBIC, EBAC/RCI, STEM Counting