TEM Scan Controller

The TEM Scan Controller is an external scan controller based on our high-performance Digital Imaging Scanning System (DISS6) scan engine. It is specifically prepared for researchers, developers or SMEs that require independent equipment or technique development in TEM.

It is designed for, and tested, on all major TEM manufacturer external scan interfaces, and connects to a PC or laptop over a USB or ETH interface. Its control library is easily integrated in new Windows and Linux software* - sample code is provided for Python, C and C#. Full hardware control is given, with the API documentation, over conventional image scans, as well as pixel map scans and hardware syncronisation with 4D STEM detectors and imaging cameras.

Signal inputs include analog channels for conventional BF, HAADF and similar detectors, as well as digital channels for pulse processors.

Key features:

  • Control display, designed for independent development and service
  • Scan Signals: Analog outputs for all major TEM external scan interfaces
  • Detector signals: Analog inputs for standard BF and HAADF detectors
  • Control Interfaces: Standard control and data interfaces, for Windows and Linux
  • Pulse signals: Digital inputs for pulse processors with single electron counting
  • Synchronisation: Adjustable TTL trigger inputs and outputs for 4D STEM cameras

Advanced scan patterns - pixel maps

  • Prepare a list of coordinates and times
  • Upload to the scan controller
  • Run and download digitized values
  • Build an image, display on screen, repeat

* Service app supplied with the hardware is for Windows 11...7