Maintenance (on-demand, maintenance contracts)

We offer tailormade service for all our products including maintenance and repairs. If necessary, we can replace equipment from other manufacturers with our own to enable further function or to improve it.

You determine the timeframe:

  • on demand for a one-time problem solution
  • maintenance contract with us for regular inspections and maintenance for the period of your choice, for a fixed budget

Our service is always tailored to your individual need. Some of the possible services are:

  • remote support
  • emergency service operations
  • inspection, testing, evaluation, cleaning, maintenance and replacement of hardware and parts
  • change of liquids like oil
  • calibrations and adjustments
  • software updates and patches of the basic software
  • additional components

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Emergency services

We are there when you need us! If you need an ad-hoc repair or if a problem arises with the hardware or software of your electron microscope, our specialized service technicians are at your side to find a quick solution for you. Our highest priority is to keep the downtime of your instrument as short as possible.

Our emergency services are precisely tailored and may include:

  • trouble shooting: on-site or remote diagnostics
  • damage analysis, leak testing, contamination testing
  • failure analysis of defective components
  • repair services, replacement of defective components incl. spare parts
  • cleaning services
  • adjustment or calibration
  • functionality tests before and after repair

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Sale of spare parts, consumables and peripherals

We supply all necessary spare parts, consumables and peripherals (like pumps and chillers) that your electron microscope needs to function.

If you wish, also including an on-site installation, function tests and trainings.

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Microscope relocations worldwide

Microscope relocation is a standard routine service for point electronic GmbH.

The relocation can include the complete service, including:

  • disassembly and assembly: complete electrical and mechanical uninstallation and installation
  • packaging, transport
  • commissioning and functionality tests
  • acceptance and instruction
  • maintenance - scope of services as required

Access review and risk assessment: We detail plans for the risk-free delivery of the scope through your property to the installation site.

Our engineers are experienced in handling most SEMs from the major manufacturers. The microscope is insured for damages during handling and transport.

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Room measurement and room planning

Is the room where you intend to set up your electron microscope suited for this purpose? Does it meet the manufacturer‘s specifications?

Our room measurement and room planning gives you the necessary information:

  • Measurement of the room: We measure the size of the set-up space and examine it for acoustic, magnetic and vibration interferrences.
  • Media planning: We determine the ideal setup location for your instrument and provide a detailed room plan with the exact location of the incoming media and recommendations for the media to be installed.

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Magnetic Field Cancelling

Environmental influences such as magnetic fields can significantly affect the imaging quality of your electron microscope.

We offer a detailed environmental analysis - in preparation for an instrument setup of an SEM or TEM, but also to optimize your existing laboratory.

We are official partner of Spicer Consulting Ltd, a leading manufacturer of magnetic field compensation systems. For our site survey we make use of this outstanding system:

  • three-dimensional resolution data provide information about existing magnetic fields in the installation room
  • in units suitable for direct comparison with the environmental specifications of the equipment to be installed
  • gradient information for both DC and AC fields.

Our site survey measurements and analysis provide you with important information on troubleshooting, the ideal location for your instrument, and how to optimize your space planning or room design.

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Microscope Modernizations

We extend the lifetime of your microscope - with new hardware and software. Our upgrade adds the latest technology for image acquisition, controls and software.

We supply integrated electronics and software systems to upgrade existing microscopes, from digital imaging systems for all models, to complete electronics upgrades for selected models.

Every microscope configuration and install is carefully tailored for each customer, as microscope customization and upgrades are at the core of the company ethos.

Why upgrade instead of buying new? There are many good reasons to keep a well-functioning electronics column in operation instead of replacing it with a newer model:

  • Improve microscope operation and performance
  • Compatibility - keep the system in the network thanks to the latest PC technology.
  • Flexibility - add or keep high-value attachements
  • Enhanced servicing thanks to point electronic service guarantee
  • Reduce service costs
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Save resources, as existing, reliable devices don't have to be scrapped.

Our electron microscope upgrades include setup, approval and training.

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We offer training for our entire range of devices, products and systems.

Of course, we include basic training with every installation of new systems. However, it can also be repeated later, e.g. for new users or as a refresher.

Depending on your requirements, the trainings can be conducted:

  • at your site or at our premises in Halle (Saale)
  • in German or in English.

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Application trainings

In our application training courses, we teach you manufacturer-independent advanced knowledge and the handling of a wide variety of microscopic applications.

Our goal is to make your everyday work with the electron microscope as easy as possible, precisely tailored to your expericence, your questions and the hardware and software products you use..

Our training topics:

  • quantitative acquisition of backscattered electrons (BSE) and topography for SEM or FIB-SEM.
  • electrical Analysis
  • electrical Failure Analysis
  • magnetic Field Compensation
  • topography
  • general training

We provide you with the necessary practical and theoretical knowledge from basic to expert level. Contact us and benefit from our know-how and years of service experience.

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point electronic Analytical - analytical services

point electronic offers analytical services using field emission scanning electron microscopes and transmission electron microscopes.

Electron microscopic analysis of:

  • Fracture structures / fatigue fractures in metal; appraisal by sworn expert possible
  • Material / process defects / wear in ball bearings
  • Layer thickness measurements / aggregates / wear in plastics
  • Visualization of thickener structures in lubricants with resolution down to nanometer range
  • Visualization of biological samples in color multichannel scans with high resolution and automated Z-stacking
  • production of videos in the SEM with the unique nanoflight technique („helicopter flight“ around the microstructure up to an image field width of approx. 30 micrometers with 8 degrees of freedom in motion)


  • Ultramicrotomy
  • Critical point drying
  • Plasma asher

Remote access allows customers to participate directly in the work at the REM.

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System designs

Our long experience with different signal sources allows us to develop electron microscopic systems from design to prototype. All our development is done in-house, in Halle (Saale), Germany.

Some of our previous developments included:

  • design of full microscope controlls (electronics & software)
  • electronics design from voltage and power supplies, communication and logic boards to complex control electronics for various purposes
  • control systems for different communication protocols
  • adapting appropriate software and firmware or developing and programming new ones as needed.

Do you have a challenge you would like us to master?

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Custom engineering

We find the solution for your needs. We take over the development and construction of specific components, devices, mechanics and corresponding software and firmware according to your individual request.

Our long-standing competence in engineering new developments allows us to quickly and cost-sensitively realize a reliable solution according to the highest technical standards.

This includes the finalization of the design and the technical documentation.

We are also happy to implement the development for you in a prototype and take over the corresponding quality control and testing.

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OEM / ODM Manufacturing

SEM/TEM customizations and upgrades are at the heart of point electronic‘s products and services. We have completed original design manufacturing projects for a wide range of customers.

Custom designs and ODM manufacturing by point electronic include:

  • finalization of the design
  • technical testing according to the highest technological standards and technical documentation
  • consulting services for the development, design and production of new technologies

Confidentiality is a matter of course for us.

All development, design and manufacturing is done in-house in Halle (Saale), Germany. For the production of printed circuit boards and mechanical parts we are supported by partners in the region.

point electronic has developed its own platform of modular USB devices for electron microscopy applications, enabling new systems to be designed and manufactured with high speed and cost efficiency. The highly flexible imaging system DISS6 and our long experience with different signal sources also allow us to develop imaging systems, e.g. electronics for electron, ion and laser emitters.

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Prototypes / small and very small series production

We produce hardware prototypes or small and very small series in accordance with our specialized know-how and our solution-oriented engineering principles:

  • quick and flexible
  • according to your needs and specifications
  • usable prototype in the shortest possible time with a potential for series production
  • finalization and optimization of designs
  • technical documentation
  • in-house quality control according to the highest technological standards for each of our components

We do everything to make your product development as efficient as possible.

We have already developed prototypes and small series for various customers worldwide, for example for use in test stands.

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Our devices are safe - for sure. Upon request, we certify the devices we custom develop and apply test procedures to obtain CB and CE marks, in compliance with the RoHS and REACH directives.

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