SEM Upgrade Kit

The Upgrade Kit provides your SEM with new cutting-edge electronics and software, including new power supplies for lenses and scanning coils, new controllers for vacuum, high-voltage and stage, new amplifiers for electron detectors, and new scan generator for image acquisition.

Every microscope configuration and install is carefully tailored for each customer.

The upgrade kits consist of hardware, software and selectable options.

State-of-the-art technology

  • Windows 11 with network compatibility
  • Simultaneous acquisition of multiple signals and detectors
  • Fully integrated automation functions
  • High-quality hard panels for imaging and stage control
  • faster results from sample insertion to final image

Reduce costs

  • Extended lifetime
  • Lower costs of ownership
  • Reduced/no downtime
  • 10+ years spare part support
  • Maintain proven workflows
  • Keep customized add-ons, avoiding time and costs for reconfigurations
  • Universal GUI for all upgraded tools independent of manufacturer


  • Eco-friendly: upgrading an existing instrument instead of scrapping
  • Up to 3x lower power consumption
  • Shorter repair times & remote support
  • Avoiding long lasting tenders and purchase processes

Costs of Ownership

Compared to a purchase of a new electron microscope, our SEM upgrade significantly saves costs in the long and in the short term.