EA Amplifiers for SEM

EA amplifiers are complex multi-stage amplification systems with integrated current & voltage sources for Electrical Analysis. All versions feature a high-speed transimpedance preamplifier for imaging, a bandwidth filter and a flexible second-stage amplifier for imaging. High-precision voltage and current sources are integrated into the compact housing, as required for biasing, IV sweeps and compensation. Packaging is miniaturised in order to reduce cable lengths, increase speed and optimise signal-to-noise ratio.

Standard features

  • High-speed and low-noise ex-situ preamplifier with adjustable gain
  • Automatic routing, to ground, bias or beam current meter
  • Lowpass filter to match amplification with imaging speed
  • Second-stage amplifier for fine image adjustments
  • Voltage source for device biasing
  • Current source to compensate for forward or reverse signals
  • Auto-zero function for calibration

Optional features

  • In-situ preamplifier for low impedance samples (with the Premium EA sample holder)
  • Automatic current - voltage sweeps for device characterisation

The amplifer is part of the EA for SEM system and is designed for a wide range of Electrical Analysis techniques.