3D Calibration Kit

The 3D Calibration Kit enables 3D measurement of the calibration sample. By importating measured data into the calibration software microCal software you can start automated analysis. This allows the extraction of scale parameters through comparison with reference data, facilitating precise accuracy assessment and the application of scale correction where needed.


  • Simultaneous processing of lateral and vertical calibration parameters (scale, shear)
  • Determination of coupling between all vertical and lateral axes
  • Calibration is extremely efficient and accurate due to advanced image processing methods
  • Software and calibration structures are suitable for different microscopes
  • Optional spherical segment for the signal adjustment of segmented backscatter detectors (BSE)

Calibration standards and software are compliant with VDI/VDE Guideline 2656 “Determination of geometrical quantities by using of Scanning Probe Microscopes – Calibration of measurement systems”.

The system consists of hardware and software.