Electrical Analysis for SEM

EA for SEM system is used for research and development of a wide range of novel devices, from large-area solar cells, photovoltaics, optoelectronics and high-power transistors to nanometer sized wires, pillars and dots.

The system is a turnkey solution compatible with most SEM and FIB-SEM, packaged with own hardware and software, including dedicated sample holder, amplification, voltage biasing and simultaneous imaging, so that electrical activity is recorded with highest speed and lowest noise.

It is designed for quantitative measurements, therefore electronics are factory calibrated and the software is designed for automated metadata management and measurements.

The system consists of hardware, software and selectable options.

Internal electric fields

  • Map active areas of junctions and contacts
  • Validate doping profiles against design or model
  • View electrical behaviour under bias
  • Export data for quantification of diffusion length

Electrical activity of defects

  • Localise sites with increased recombination activity
  • Continue with high-resolution microscopy techniques
  • Export data for quantification of recombination strenght

Range of techniques

  • Electron Beam Induced Current (EBIC)
  • Electron Beam Absorbed Current (EBAC)
  • Resistive Contrast Imaging (EBAC/RCI)
  • Electron Beam Induced Resistance Change (EBIRCh)

Resistance mapping

  • Map spatial distribution of electrical resistance
  • Identify shorts and opens in devices
  • Localise weaknesses and leakage paths

TEM sample screening

  • Exploit wide field-of-view in SEM to select target
  • Use EA live in FIB/SEM to prevent preparation errors
  • Screen lamellas in SEM before transfer to TEM