Basic EA holder

A versatile sample holder that isolates electrical devices from the SEM stage and provides electrical connection for Electron Beam Induced Current (EBIC) and Resistive Contrast Imaging (RCI) techniques. Electrical connections may be made with stiff probes/wires that are cut to length, bent into shape, then pressed onto the sample/device, or with soft wires glued to the connection points. A multi-pin vacuum electrical feedthrough is provided for electrical connection to amplifiers or source meters outside the chamber. Electrical sample holder is equipped with a mechanical interface for the SEM stage - if needed, samples may be placed on a metal adaptor to elevate closer to the pole piece, or a 90 degrees metal adaptor for cross-section imaging.


  • Ceramic board with mechanical interface to SEM stage
  • Two electrical connections via pins or wires
  • Integrated Faraday cup for quantitative measurements
  • Multi-pin electrical feedthrough


  • Electrical isolation from the SEM stage
  • In-situ electrical analysis, or device characterisation
  • Plan-view and cross-sectional sample geometries
  • Quantitative beam current measurements for EBIC and RCI