SEM Scan Controller

Digital Imaging Scanning System (DISS) generation 6, is the latest generation and highest performance scan generator and image acquisition system for SEM. DISS6 is able to generate conventional rectangular (raster) scans as well as point-based (vector) scans, and simultaneously acquire 4 analog and 12 digital inputs. Signal inputs may be seamlessly expanded to further 16 analog inputs with the addition of embedded MICS amplifier. Key performance figures are 10 ns minimum pixel dwell time and 500 MegaPixels maximum resolution.

The system is fully integrated and controlled over USB or ETH interfaces using the DISS6Control library for Windows and Linux. An SDK is available for integration into control and acquisition apps, including documentation and demo source code. Default app for independent use is the DISS6 image acquisition software.

DISS6 image scanning is a core component in a wide range of techniques.