EFA Controller

The most advanced electronics for Electrical Failure Analysis (EFA) in SEM, including routing, amplification, biasing and compensation. Controller is designed to be used with nanoprobing systems, and may be optionally equipped with in-situ electronics, power supply for probe cleaning and automatic current-voltage sweeps.

Standard features

  • Automatic routing, to internal amplification, biasing or cleaning, or to external characterisation
  • High-speed and low-noise transimpedance preamplifier with adjustable gain
  • Lowpass filter to match amplification with imaging speed
  • Second-stage amplifier for fine image adjustments
  • Voltage source for device biasing
  • Current source to compensate for forward or reverse signals
  • Auto-zero function for calibration

Optional features

  • in-situ electronics for low impedance failure cases
  • current-limited voltage supply for probe cleaning
  • automatic current - voltage sweeps for device characterisation

The controller is designed for a wide range of Electrical Analysis (EA) techniques