Premium EA holder

A more advanced sample holder for Electrical Analysis in SEM, that in addition to isolating the sample/electrical device from the SEM stage and providing direct electrical connections, it also amplifies the signal from the sample/device with a built-in preamplifier. Premium EA holder may be used for the Electron Beam Induced Current (EBIC) and Resistive Contrast Imaging (RCI) techniques, and in particular for low-impedance devices where the RCI signal is on a similar level to noise originating from electrical vacuum feedthrough. Electrical connections may be made with stiff probes/wires that are cut to length, bent into shape, then pressed onto the sample/device, or with soft wires glued to the connection points. A multi-pin vacuum electrical feedthrough is provided for electrical connection to amplifiers or source meters outside the chamber.

Each electrical sample holder is equipped with a mechanical interface for the SEM stage - if needed, samples may be placed on a metal adaptor to elevate closer to the pole piece, or a 90 degrees metal adaptor for cross-section imaging. Two devices may be loaded at the same time, one connected via in-situ preamp, another connected directly to the electronics outside the SEM chamber.


  • Ceramic board with mechanical interface to SEM stage
  • Four electrical connections via pins or wires, two of which are through the in-situ preamplifier
  • Integrated Faraday cup for quantitative measurements
  • Multi-pin electrical feedthrough


  • Best performance for RCI on low-impedance devices
  • Electrical isolation from the SEM stage
  • In-situ electrical analysis, or device characterisation
  • Plan-view and cross-sectional sample geometries
  • Quantitative beam current measurements for EBIC and RCI