Premium BSE detector

Premium BSE detector is our highest performance Si-based detector for materials science, geology and industrial applications.

A four-quadrant sensor geometry is used, coupled with four independent in-situ preamplifiers, to give full flexibility for the traditional COMPO and TOPO modes, or the new calibrated 3D measurement mode with topographic reconstruction.

A motorised insertion/retraction mechanism is included, with alignment table for the left/right and up/down directions, and bellows for reliable vacuum. An optional MICS-4 amplifier can be embedded into the detector, for a fully self-contained detector with quantitative amplification, independent brightness and contrast controls, and hardware signal mixing.

Quantitative BSE (qBSE)

  • map density with high-spatial resolution
  • characterise distribution of phases
  • reveal crystallography with orientation contrast

BSE Topography

  • analyse 3D surfaces and complex surfaces
  • monitor in-situ reactions, including high-temperature
  • characterise milling and depoisition in FIB-SEM