Stakeholders Workshop on Functional Layered Materials

Jun 18, 2024 - Jun 19, 2024

Functional Layered Materials Technologies & Stakeholders Workshop

About the FUNLAYERS Conference:

FUNLAYERS will bring together stakeholders from academia, the private sector, and policymakers for a two-day event focused on the latest developments and future perspectives for Functional Layered Materials.

The initiative aims to establish the foundations to facilitate knowledge sharing and cooperation between relevant actors in the field.

The programme's first day includes insightful talks focusing on two main topics: spin-based applications and energy storage.

The second day features two activities that run in parallel.

  • FUNLAYERS Hackathon – writing a winning proposal under the 2024 MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships call: hands-on action open to early-stage researchers*.
    The ideation exercise will ultimately guide participants through the process of writing a sound research proposal in the domain of Functional Layered Materials.

  • A closed session with focused discussion groups, articulated by the organizing committee. Invited participants will meet to set the foundations for future project collaboration and funded proposal submissions.

Your contact on site:

Dr. Grigore Moldovan

Our Talk:

point electronic GmbH will give a talk at the conference.