Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Electrical analysis technology wins 2 innovation awards

point electronic was awarded the Hugo Junkers Prize Saxony-Anhalt and the IQ Innovation Award.

Two innovation prizes have been awarded to point electronic, recognizing the technical advances achieved with the newly developed electronics and software for electrical in-situ analysis in transmission electron microscopy (TEM). For the development, the company was awarded the renowned "Hugo Junkers Prize for Research and Innovation Saxony-Anhalt" by the state's Ministry of Science in the category "Most Innovative Projects in Applied Research", as well as the IQ Innovation Award of the City of Halle.

The new equipment developed and manufactured by point electronic GmbH closes a gap in the research of next generation of semiconductor devices. Established TEM techniques provide high-resolution images of structure and composition of there devices, but don’t provide direct insights into their functional parts and device operation.

The new equipment gives a direct view of their internal electric fields under operating conditions, as well as direct localisation of electrical faults and defects, at highest possible resolution. It brings electrical analysis techniques, such as Electron Beam Induced Current (EBIC), to TEM by a close integration of a dedicated EA amplifier for TEM biasing holder, and a calibrated TEM scan controller for quantification. Advanced measurements of electrical parameters is enabled through hardware calibration and quantitative software.

We are very grateful for the awards, they are a great distinction for us. We also acknowledge the great standard of all applications. And, of course, we congratulate the entire team on this great result.