Tuesday, October 24, 2023

KCT is new partner for Taiwan.

We are excited to announce this partnership to serve customers in Taiwan working with SEM and TEM.

Exciting times for global partnerships! We continue to demonstrate our commitment to the Asian Region and are thrilled to introduce Ke Chieh Tech Limited Company (KCT) as new distributor for Taiwan.

Appointing an experienced partner in the field of SEM and TEM solutions, we are honoured to further support Taiwanese companies and institutions with our products added to the already great portfolio of our trusted new partner KCT.

We are delighted to grow our global network, which allows us to enhance our accessibility for existing and new customers. And to pursue our mission worldwide, to expand the capabilities of electron microscopes and improve their performance.



這家位於台灣新北市的公司將會代表我們提供SEM TEM 產品解決方案給台灣的客戶。



聯絡人劉伯緯/ Ben Liu

Mail: benliu@kctech.com.tw

Web: www.kctech.com.tw