STEM detector

OpalTM by el-mul is a multi-segment detector designed for Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopes (STEM). It consists of a segmented diode, in-situ preamplifiers and insertion/retraction mechanism, and can be specified up to 16 segments, each of which can be configured to detect BF, ABF, ADF, and HAADF in the same plane. This reduces hardware costs and maximizes efficiency. Customers can define the exact segmentation geometry to fit the design to their specific experimental requirements, providing great flexibility.

The detector can be used for a range of applications, including DPC, imaging of light elements, imaging of strain, Z-contrast, and tomography, among others. To improve the signal-to-noise ratio, the detector features an in-vacuum preamplifier for each segment, and up to 16 analog output channels are available.

Opal is designed for high-energy STEM applications that range from 60-300keV.

[point electronic GmbH is partner of the detector STEM detector portfolio of el-mul.]