TurboTEM Pulse Digitiser

The PULSE system is a modular and retrofittable upgrade to improve the speed and precision of scanning transmission electron microscopy signals.

At its core, it streams the analog signal from an electron detector, including those using scintillator based technology, identifies individual electron events and returns a fully digital output. The result is images with calibrated units of individual electrons with a true zero background level and pure Poission noise.

The Pulse signal processing unit from turboTEM streams the raw signal from existing analog STEM detectors at high-speed and performing edge-detection based electron counting. The digital signal is then passed out to the existing data acquisition system on the microscope. By adding the ‘Pulse’ unit to existing systems, users can experience an upgrade to digital imaging with minimal additional hardware outlay.

[point electronic GmbH is partner for the PULSE system of TurboTEM.]