EBIC acquisition

EBIC acquisition

The best quantitative electronics and software for Electron Beam Induced Current (EBIC)

Make the link between device characterization and materials properties

  • Image electrical activity across complete devices
  • Distinguish between electrically active and passive defects
  • Correlate electrical activity with composition (EDS) and crystallographic structure (EBSD)

Localise electrical defects with highest resolution

  • Enable sample preparation for TEM or atom probe microscopy
  • Avoid alignment errors by directly imaging defects with EBIC in FIB SEM
  • Use live EBIC imaging to stop milling during sample preparation

Map junctions and defects over large areas

  • Identify all electrically active defects
  • Map active areas of junctions and electrical fields
  • Validate doping profiles and areas

Export calibrated EBIC signal for analysis of materials properties

  • Measure defect contrast / recombination strength
  • Extract diffusion length of minority charge carriers
  • Determine width of depletion regions

Verify device operation modes with built-in biasing and live overlay

  • Image junctions and fields in delayered devices
  • Map electrical activity in solar cells under bias
  • Compare imaged behaviour with device modelling

Access third dimension with depth profiling

  • Manipulate depth of EBIC signal by changing kV in SEM
  • Investigate EBIC images of cross-sections in FIB-SEM
  • Export EBIC depth series for 3D reconstruction