SEM acquisition - DISS5

SEM acquisition - DISS5

The most powerful and versatile scan generator/image acquisition system for SEM

Capture the highest quality SEM images

  • Compose live colour images with simultaneous IL, SE and BSE
  • Improve your publications with highest resolution images
  • Record your data in standard, open image file formats

Free your images with network and Windows 10 compatibility

  • Upgrade to modern hardware and software
  • Record data to Windows 10…7 over USB2
  • Collaborate with standard screen share and remote connection

Build your own custom acquisition workflows

  • Edit, add, reorder, reconfigure your own workflow
  • Start from templates for live view, high resolution, video recording, mapping
  • Fully configure each scan profile in your workflow

Push your microscope boundaries with the best scan generator

  • Record dynamic events with fast frame rates
  • Avoid specimen charging with line and frame averages
  • Reduce analysis time per device/sample

Develop new characterisation methods or instrumentation

  • Standard analogue and digital signal inputs
  • Fully configurable scan signals and scan parameters
  • API for scan control and image acquisition

Take your microscope on the upgrade path

  • Add SEM controls for complete electronics upgrade
  • Add software options for lithography, topography, large area mapping
  • Add detectors and electronics for SE, BSE, EDS, EBIC, EBAC/RCI