SEM topography

SEM topography

Live quantitative surface topography in SEM from BSE signals

Measure surface height/topography with SEM

  • Use conventional segmented BSE signals
  • Get immediate feedback with automated topographic reconstruction
  • Save topographic data in standard surface file formats

Distinguish between sample composition and surface topography

  • Resolve ambiguities in image interpretation
  • Reach a wider audience with 3D models, visualisation and printing
  • Measure 3D distances, volumes, steps, roughness, texture…

Monitor FIB milling and GIS deposition

  • Improve yield of TEM and atom probe sample preparation
  • Verify thickness of GIS deposited layers
  • Monitor FIB milling depths and roughness

Visualise complex surfaces with ease

  • Add texture from SE, EDS or EBSD maps
  • Manipulate automatic colour textures
  • Extract 3D screenshots for high-impact visualisation

Calibrate and measure heights

  • Calibrate measurements with dedicated 3D calibration sample
  • Measure 3D positions, distances and angles
  • Measure and report height profiles

Continue live topography workflow with off-line analysis

  • Import data into full feature analysis software
  • Measure surface roughness and analyse texture
  • Analyse morphology, grain and particle distributions